Beire English camp

In the morning we estudied about the human body and in the aftermoon we prepared the presentatios and them presented them to the group and teachers. We played the human body game and everybody was fantastic.
we made a lot of new friends from different schools. Our favorite activity was play human body cards, find and put them all together.
The teachers are very funny and good.
By: Asier and Markel

7 iruzkin:

  1. Thanks a lot for the pictures, you look very well, shall I go?

  2. Auskalo bihar zer ikusiko dugun ... don't worry be happy! Baietz mangera!

  3. Make the most of your day

  4. I would like to be with you there

  5. I wish i was there with you.

  6. Hello! How are you?
    We are bored.
    Disfrutatu eskolara etorri aurretik.

  7. Hello! Here we are learning English to go with you next year!! Have fun and see you tomorrow.Feli and Esti


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